Saturday, April 23, 2011

Babyy i miss you .

Okay babyy , dont ask me why im doing this , dont ask me why we both end up with all this shit . Ask yourself , its all your bloody fault , not me and not everyone else okay babyy ? You're not the girl i knew 8 months ago , you're totally different ! I miss you babyyy .

Babyy , you was always there when i need you , you guide me . You light up my day ,sometimes i love you more than i love my mom and dad , baby trust me . its true . Im really wanna talk to you about this thing , but im scared its hurting you , so i just say it here and i hope you will know this . 

Thanks for everything , Thanks for hurting me , friends . Honestly i'd really miss the way we talked to each other , the way we shared our problem and the way we get to know each other . That moments back please ? I miss the old you , the old us . Don't you ? Yeah you're not , I know :) You're famous now , you're hot , you don't care about me anymore , i'm not that important for you .

I Hate You but in the same time I Love You and I Miss the Old You , Come back to me please :'( Remember that , I'm the one who always stuck up with you and solving off your problems . Readers , if you wanna know who's this , ask me .